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Person Form Gender
Masculine Feminine Neuter
Before vowel
1st Subject mo ma m'
mos mas més
Object mio mia mié mi(o/a/é) ń-
mios mias miés
Indirect mado mada madé mad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) me
mados madas madés
(to/for) us
Possessive Det./Prn. mozo moza mozé moz'
mozos mozas mozés
Possessive Emph. Det. sebmozo sebmoza sebmozé sebmoz'
my own
sebmozos sebmozas sebmozés
our own
Possessive Adjective tuommozi tuammozi mozi mozi ń-
of mine
tuommöutozi tuammöutozi möutozi möutozi ń-
of ours
Possessive Verb mozaro mozara mozar mozar(o/a) ń-
to be mine
möutozaro möutozara möutozar möutozar(o/a) ń-
to be ours
Reflexive sebmo sebma sebmé sebm(o/a/é) ń-
sebmos sebmas sebmés
Reflexive Emph. séblimo séblima séblimé séblim(o/a/é) ń-
I myself
séblimos séblimas séblimés
we ourselves
2nd (Familiar) Subject to ta t'
tos tas tés
Object tio tia tié ti(o/a/é) ń-
tios tias tiés
Indirect tado tada tadé tad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) you
tados tadas tadés
(to/for) you
Possessive Det./Prn. tozo toza tozé toz'
tozos tozas tozés
Possessive Emph. Det. sebtozo sebtoza sebtozé sebtoz'
your own
sebtozos sebtozas sebtozés
your own
Possessive Adjective tüortozi tüartozi tozi tozi ń-
of yours
tüortüetozi tüartüetozi tüetozi tüetozi ń-
of yours
Possessive Verb tozaro tozara tozar tozar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
tüetozaro tüetozara tüetozar tüetozar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
Reflexive sebto sebta sebté sebt(o/a/é) ń-
sebtos sebtas sebtés
Reflexive Emph. séblito séblita séblité séblit(o/a/é) ń-
you yourself
séblitos séblitas séblités
you yourselves
2nd (Formal) Subject usto usta usté ust'
ustos ustas ustés
Object ustio ustia ustié usti(o/a/é) ń-
ustios ustias ustiés
Indirect ustado ustada ustadé ustad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) you
ustados ustadas ustadés
(to/for) you
Possessive Det./Prn. ustozo ustoza ustozé ustoz'
ustozos ustozas ustozés
Possessive Emph. Det. sébustozo sébustoza sébustozé sébustoz'
your own
sébustozos sébustozas sébustozés
your own
Possessive Adjective tuomustozi tuamustozi ustozi ustozi ń-
of yours
tuomustüetozi tuamustüetozi ustüetozi ustüetozi ń-
of yours
Possessive Verb ustozaro ustozara ustozar ustozar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
ustüetozaro ustüetozara ustüetozar ustüetozar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
Reflexive sébusto sébusta sébusté sébust(o/a/é) ń-
sébustos sébustas sébustés
Reflexive Emph. séblusto séblusta séblusté séblust(o/a/é) ń-
you yourself
séblustos séblustas séblustés
you yourselves
3rd Subject lumo luma lumé lum'
he she it / they he / she / it / they
lumos lumas lumés
Object lumio lumia lumié lumi(o/a/é) ń-
him her it / them him / her / it / them
lumios lumias lumiés
Indirect lumado lumada lumadé lumad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) him (to/for) her (to/for) it / (to/for) them (to/for) him / her / it / them
lumados lumadas lumadés
(to/for) them
Possessive Det./Prn. lumozo lumoza lumozé lumoz'
his her(s) its (own) / their(s) his / her(s) / its (own) / their(s)
lumozos lumozas lumozés
Possessive Emph. Det. séblumozo séblumoza séblumozé séblumoz'
his own her own its own / their own his own / her own / its own / their own
séblumozos séblumozas séblumozés
their own
Possessive Adjective tüollumozi tüallumozi lumozi lumozi ń-
of his of hers of its own / of theirs of his / hers / its own / theirs
tüollumöutozi tüallumöutozi lumöutozi lumöutozi ń-
of theirs
Possessive Verb lumozaro lumozara lumozar lumozar(o/a) ń-
to be his to be hers to be its own / to be theirs to be his / hers / its own / theirs
lumöutozaro lumöutozara lumöutozar lumöutozar(o/a) ń-
to be theirs
Reflexive séblumo sébluma séblumé séblum(o/a/é) ń-
himself herself itself / themselves himself / herself / itself / themselves
séblumos séblumas séblumés
Reflexive Emph. séblilumo sébliluma séblilumé séblilum(o/a/é) ń-
he himself she herself it itself / they themselves he himself / she herself / it itself / they themselves
séblilumos séblilumas séblilumés
they themselves
4th (Subject) Subject selbo selba selbé selb'
the previous subject
selbos selbas selbés
the previous subjects
Object selbio selbia selbié selbi(o/a/é) ń-
the previous subject
selbios selbias selbiés
the previous subjects
Indirect selbado selbada selbadé selbad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) the previous subject
selbados selbadas selbadés
(to/for) the previous subjects
Possessive Det./Prn. selbozo selboza selbozé selboz'
the previous subject's
selbozos selbozas selbozés
the previous subjects'
Possessive Emph. Det. sësselbozo sësselboza sësselbozé sësselboz'
the previous subject's own
sësselbozos sësselbozas sësselbozés
the previous subjects' own
Possessive Adjective tüosselbozi tüasselbozi selbozi selbozi ń-
of the previous subject's
tüosselböutozi tüasselböutozi selböutozi selböutozi ń-
of the previous subjects'
Possessive Verb selbozaro selbozara selbozar selbozar(o/a) ń-
to be the previous subject's
selböutozaro selböutozara selböutozar selböutozar(o/a) ń-
to be the previous subjects'
Reflexive sësselbo sësselba sësselbé sësselb(o/a/é) ń-
sësselbos sësselbas sësselbés
Reflexive Emph. sébliselbo sébliselba sébliselbé sébliselb(o/a/é) ń-
the previous subject itself
sébliselbos sébliselbas sébliselbés
the previous subjects themselves
4th (Object) Subject selbemo selbema selbemé selbem'
the previous object
selbemos selbemas selbemés
the previous objects
Object selbemio selbemia selbemié selbemi(o/a/é) ń-
the previous object
selbemios selbemias selbemiés
the previous objects
Indirect selbemado selbemada selbemadé selbemad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) the previous object
selbemados selbemadas selbemadés
(to/for) the previous objects
Possessive Det./Prn. selbemozo selbemoza selbemozé selbemoz'
the previous object's
selbemozos selbemozas selbemozés
the previous objects'
Possessive Emph. Det. sësselbemozo sësselbemoza sësselbemozé sësselbemoz'
the previous object's own
sësselbemozos sësselbemozas sësselbemozés
the previous objects' own
Possessive Adjective tüosselbemozi tüasselbemozi selbemozi selbemozi ń-
of the previous object's
tüosselbemöutozi tüasselbemöutozi selbemöutozi selbemöutozi ń-
of the previous objects'
Possessive Verb selbemozaro selbemozara selbemozar selbemozar(o/a) ń-
to be the previous object's
selbemöutozaro selbemöutozara selbemöutozar selbemöutozar(o/a) ń-
to be the previous objects'
Reflexive sësselbemo sësselbema sësselbemé sësselbem(o/a/é) ń-
sësselbemos sësselbemas sësselbemés
Reflexive Emph. sébliselbemo sébliselbema sébliselbemé sébliselbem(o/a/é) ń-
the previous object itself
sébliselbemos sébliselbemas sébliselbemés
the previous objects themselves

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