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Relformaide's pronoun system is modelled after those of Spanish and Quechua. Pronouns in the language, as with nouns, decline for case, number (singular/plural), and gender (male/female/neuter). All told, there are 228 possible inflections, as shown below.

Root summary

1st 2nd 3rd
Familiar Formal
m- t- ust- lum-


Case Suffix
Subject (NOM) Ø
Object (ACC) -i-
Indirect (DAT) -ad-
Possessive Determiner (GEN) -oz-
Possessive Emphatic (GEN) seb*(o/a/é)
Possessive Adjective (POS) -ozi(ń(o/a))
Possessive Verb (POS) -ozar(o/a)
Reflexive seb*(o/a/é)
Reflexive Emphatic sébl(i)*(o/a/é)


Person Form Gender
Masculine Feminine Neuter
Before vowel
1st Subject mo ma m'
mos mas més
Object mio mia mié mi(o/a/é) ń-
mios mias miés
Indirect mado mada madé mad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) me
mados madas madés
(to/for) us
Possessive Det./Prn. mozo moza mozé moz'
mozos mozas mozés
Possessive Emph. Det. sebmozo sebmoza sebmozé sebmoz'
my own
sebmozos sebmozas sebmozés
our own
Possessive Adjective mozińo mozińa mozi mozi(ń(o/a)) ń-
of mine
mośsuelińo mośsuelińa mośsueli mośsueli(ń(o/a)) ń-
of ours
Possessive Verb mozaro mozara mozar mozar(o/a) ń-
to be mine
mośsuelaro mośsuelara mośsuelar mośsuelar(o/a) ń-
to be ours
Reflexive sebmo sebma sebmé sebm(o/a/é) ń-
sebmos sebmas sebmés
Reflexive Emph. séblimo séblima séblimé séblim(o/a/é) ń-
I myself
séblimos séblimas séblimés
we ourselves
2nd (Familiar) Subject to ta t'
tos tas tés
Object tio tia tié ti(o/a/é) ń-
tios tias tiés
Indirect tado tada tadé tad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) you
tados tadas tadés
(to/for) you
Possessive Det./Prn. tozo toza tozé toz'
tozos tozas tozés
Possessive Emph. Det. sebtozo sebtoza sebtozé sebtoz'
your own
sebtozos sebtozas sebtozés
your own
Possessive Adjective tozińo tozińa tozi tozi(ń(o/a)) ń-
of yours
tośsuelińo tośsuelińa tośsueli tośsueli(ń(o/a)) ń-
of yours
Possessive Verb tozaro tozara tozar tozar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
tośsuelaro tośsuelara tośsuelar tośsuelar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
Reflexive sebto sebta sebté sebt(o/a/é) ń-
sebtos sebtas sebtés
Reflexive Emph. séblito séblita séblité séblit(o/a/é) ń-
you yourself
séblitos séblitas séblités
you yourselves
2nd (Formal) Subject usto usta usté ust'
ustos ustas ustés
Object ustio ustia ustié usti(o/a/é) ń-
ustios ustias ustiés
Indirect ustado ustada ustadé ustad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) you
ustados ustadas ustadés
(to/for) you
Possessive Det./Prn. ustozo ustoza ustozé ustoz'
ustozos ustozas ustozés
Possessive Emph. Det. sébustozo sébustoza sébustozé sébustoz'
your own
sébustozos sébustozas sébustozés
your own
Possessive Adjective ustozińo ustozińa ustozi ustozi(ń(o/a)) ń-
of yours
ustośsuelińo ustośsuelińa ustośsueli ustośsueli(ń(o/a)) ń-
of yours
Possessive Verb ustozaro ustozara ustozar ustozar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
ustośsuelaro ustośsuelara ustośsuelar ustośsuelar(o/a) ń-
to be yours
Reflexive sébusto sébusta sébusté sébust(o/a/é) ń-
sébustos sébustas sébustés
Reflexive Emph. séblusto séblusta séblusté séblust(o/a/é) ń-
you yourself
séblustos séblustas séblustés
you yourselves
3rd Subject lumo luma lumé lum'
he she it / they he / she / it / they
lumos lumas lumés
Object lumio lumia lumié lumi(o/a/é) ń-
him her it / them him / her / it / them
lumios lumias lumiés
Indirect lumado lumada lumadé lumad(o/a/e) ń-
(to/for) him (to/for) her (to/for) it / (to/for) them (to/for) him / her / it / them
lumados lumadas lumadés
(to/for) them
Possessive Det./Prn. lumozo lumoza lumozé lumoz'
his her(s) its (own) / their(s) his / her(s) / its (own) / their(s)
lumozos lumozas lumozés
Possessive Emph. Det. séblumozo séblumoza séblumozé séblumoz'
his own her own its own / their own his own / her own / its own / their own
séblumozos séblumozas séblumozés
their own
Possessive Adjective lumozińo lumozińa lumozi lumozi(ń(o/a)) ń-
of his of hers of its own / of theirs of his / hers / its own / theirs
lumośsuelińo lumośsuelińa lumośsueli lumośsueli(ń(o/a)) ń-
of theirs
Possessive Verb lumozaro lumozara lumozar lumozar(o/a) ń-
to be his to be hers to be its own / to be theirs to be his / hers / its own / theirs
lumośsuelaro lumośsuelara lumośsuelar lumośsuelar(o/a) ń-
to be theirs
Reflexive séblumo sébluma séblumé séblum(o/a/é) ń-
himself herself itself / themselves himself / herself / itself / themselves
séblumos séblumas séblumés
Reflexive Emph. séblilumo sébliluma séblilumé séblilum(o/a/é) ń-
he himself she herself it itself / they themselves he himself / she herself / it itself / they themselves
séblilumos séblilumas séblilumés
they themselves