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tulig- (Core Base rootCategory:Roots) (Free morpheme)
Meaning: wrap (with paper, plastic, &c.)
(Gloss: wrap)
Etymology: From Greek tylígo (τυλίγω).

Morpheme length: 5 (G I L T U)giltu giltu Category:Isogram morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: CVCVC • IPA: /tu.liːg/tu, liːgSyllables: 2 (tu, lig)CV, CVC

Default word class: Verb

Mutated forms (11a)
Before next...
a tulig b tuligoṛ ch tulig d tulig
e tulig f tuligoṛ g tulig h tulig
i tulig j tuliȷ́ k tulig l tulig
m tulig n tulig o tulig p tulig
r tulig s tulig t tulig u tulig
v tulig w tulig y tulig z tulig
Before inz tulíg
Nominal forms
Active To do
Passive To be done
tulígar tulígaidar
Negative Active Negative Passive
naŕtulígar naŕtulígaidar
Perfect To have done
Passive Perfect To have been done
tulígavar tulígaidavar
Progressive Doing
Passive Progressive Being done
tulígantar tulígaidantar
Progressive Perfect To have been doing
Perfect Progressive Having done
tulígantavar tulígavantu
Continuative To be still doing
Passive Continuative To be still done
tulígasantar tulígaidasantar
Prospective About to do
Passive Prospective About to be done
tulígaijar tulígaidaijar
Potential Can do
Passive Potential Can be done
tuligábilar tulígaibilar
Frequentative Often doing
Dubitative Probably/maybe/might be doing
Proximal Almost doing
tuligámelar tulígeselar tuligúpotar
Inchoative To start doing
Completive To do completely
Cessative To cease doing
tulígaubilar tulígaisómar tulígaubelar
Volitive Wishing to do
Desiderative Wanting to do
Necessitative Needing to do
souŕtulígar vouŕtulígar bouŕtulígar
Imperative Do it!
Cohortative Let's do it!
Prohibitive Don't do it!
tulígait! fétulígait! naŕtulígait!
Gerundive Things to be done
Supine For the purpose of doing
fétulígaide, fétulígaidi tulígaurdar
Resultative Resulting from things done
Verbal Noun Doing
tulígaine tulígé
Present Past
tulígant tulígaid
Polarity Tense Mood
Present ...does
Recent Past ...recently did
Simple Past ...did
Discontinuous Past ...once did
Future ...will do
Future in the Past would do
Subjunctive ...could/would/should do; ...ought to do; ...that something do it
Affirmative tulígat nupétulígat pétulígat plétulígat fétulígat péfétulígat tulígaik
Negative naŕtulígat naŕnupétulígat naŕpétulígat naŕplétulígat naŕfétulígat naŕpéfétulígat naŕtulígaik
Affirmative tulígant nupétulígant pétulígant plétulígant fétulígant péfétulígant tulígantaik
Negative naŕtulígant naŕnupétulígant naŕpétulígant naŕplétulígant naŕfétulígant naŕpéfétulígant naŕtulígantaik
Affirmative tulígasant nupétulígasant pétulígasant plétulígasant fétulígasant péfétulígasant tulígasantaik
Negative naŕtulígasant naŕnupétulígasant naŕpétulígasant naŕplétulígasant naŕfétulígasant naŕpéfétulígasant naŕtulígasantaik
Affirmative tulígaijat nupétulígaijat pétulígaijat plétulígaijat fétulígaijat péfétulígaijat tulígaijaik
Negative naŕtulígaijat naŕnupétulígaijat naŕpétulígaijat naŕplétulígaijat naŕfétulígaijat naŕpéfétulígaijat naŕtulígaijaik
Affirmative tulígavat nupétulígavat pétulígavat plétulígavat fétulígavat péfétulígavat tulígavaik
Negative naŕtulígavat naŕnupétulígavat naŕpétulígavat naŕplétulígavat naŕfétulígavat naŕpéfétulígavat naŕtulígavaik
Progressive Perfect
Affirmative tulígantavat nupétulígantavat pétulígantavat plétulígantavat fétulígantavat péfétulígantavat tulígantavaik
Negative naŕtulígantavat naŕnupétulígantavat naŕpétulígantavat naŕplétulígantavat naŕfétulígantavat naŕpéfétulígantavat naŕtulígantavaik
Passive Simple
Affirmative tulígaidat nupétulígaidat pétulígaidat plétulígaidat fétulígaidat péfétulígaidat tulígaidaik
Negative naŕtulígaidat naŕnupétulígaidat naŕpétulígaidat naŕplétulígaidat naŕfétulígaidat naŕpéfétulígaidat naŕtulígaidaik
Passive Progressive
Affirmative tulígaidant nupétulígaidant pétulígaidant plétulígaidant fétulígaidant péfétulígaidant tulígaidantaik
Negative naŕtulígaidant naŕnupétulígaidant naŕpétulígaidant naŕplétulígaidant naŕfétulígaidant naŕpéfétulígaidant naŕtulígaidantaik
Passive Prospective
Affirmative tulígaidaijat nupétulígaidaijat pétulígaidaijat plétulígaidaijat fétulígaidaijat péfétulígaidaijat tulígaidaijaik
Negative naŕtulígaidaijat naŕnupétulígaidaijat naŕpétulígaidaijat naŕplétulígaidaijat naŕfétulígaidaijat naŕpéfétulígaidaijat naŕtulígaidaijaik
Passive Perfect
Affirmative tulígaidavat nupétulígaidavat pétulígaidavat plétulígaidavat fétulígaidavat péfétulígaidavat tulígaidavaik
Negative naŕtulígaidavat naŕnupétulígaidavat naŕpétulígaidavat naŕplétulígaidavat naŕfétulígaidavat naŕpéfétulígaidavat naŕtulígaidavaik
Morpheme family
Usage notes

English wrap also means "twist/coil around something" (äppuey) and "finish (up)" (fim).

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