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noyef- (Core Base rootCategory:Roots) (Free morpheme)
Meaning: commit adultery; adultery
(Gloss: adultery)
Etymology: From Yiddish noyef (נואף) and Hebrew no'éf (נוֹאֵף), active participle of na'áf (נאף).

Morpheme length: 5 (E F N O Y)efnoy efnoy Category:Isogram morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: CVCVC • IPA: /no.jɛf/no, jɛfSyllables: 2 (no, yef)CV, CVC

Default word class: Verb

Mutated forms (10b)
Before next...
a noyef b noyefoṛ ch noyef d noyefoṛ
e noyèf (tmsn.)
noyef (root)
f noyef g noyefoṛ h noyef
i noyef j noyef k noyefoṛ l noyef
m noyef n noyef o noyef p noyef
r noyef s noyef t noyef u noyef
v noyeѵ w noyef y noyef z noyef
Before inz noyéf
Noun (Inanimate)
Category ♂ Masculine ♀ Feminine ⚲ Neuter
Singular noyèfe
Plural noyèfes
Definite Singular noyeflé
Plural noyeflés
Indefinite Singular noyeflé
Plural noyeflés
Diminutive Singular noyefète
Plural noyefètes
Medial Singular noyefeade
Plural noyefeades
Augmentative Singular noyefarde
Plural noyefardes
Forms Nominal Comparative Superlative
Absolute Singular noyefi
Plural noyefis
Declension stems
Singular Plural
Nominative Subject of sentence in NOM-ACC languages
Absolutive Subject of intransitive verb/object of transitive verb in ERG-ABS languages
Accusative Object of sentence in NOM-ACC languages
Subject noyef- noyef-s
Topic noyefeun-(s)
Ergative Subject of sentence in ERG-ABS languages; Done by... (in passive-voice statements)
noyefieb- noyefieb-s
Appositive Subject of sentence describing a clause that follows it
Dative Indirect object (To...)
Locative In... (a place)/At...
noyefad- noyefuezad-
Partitive Part of.../Some...
Vocative O...!/You...!
Familiar noyeft-(s)
Formal noyefust-(s)
Genitive Of.../...'s; indicates inalienable ownership
noyefoz- noyefoz-s
Possessive Of.../...'s; indicates alienable ownership
noyeforz- noyeforz-s
Proprietive With.../Having...; Owning...
Ornative Provided/furnished/equipped with...
noyefabuam- noyefuezabuam-
Instrumental/Vialis With (the help of).../Through.../Via.../By (means of)...
noyefemek- noyefuezemek-
Utilitative Using...
noyefútil- noyefuezútil-
Utilitive For (the purpose of)...
noyefaurd- noyefuezaurd-
Benefactive For (the sake of).../Dedicated to...
noyefómist- noyefuezómist-
Comitative With... (in accompaniment)
noyefaseb- noyefüetaseb-
Conjunctive With... (as part of a group)
noyefauvek- noyefuezauvek-
Causal Because of.../Thanks to...
noyefẽrgim- noyefuezẽrgim-
Originative From...
noyefesil- noyefüetésil-
Terminative Until... (time)/Ending up at... (spatial)
Allative Towards...
noyefaup- noyefuezaup-
Lative Going towards.../Approaching...
noyefäuvv- noyefuezäuvv-
Apudessive Near.../Next to.../Close to.../By...
noyefoṛproxim- noyefueśproxim-
Adessive On (the surface of)...
noyefíak- noyefuezíak-
Altessive Above...
noyefault- noyefuezault-
Superessive Atop.../On top of...
noyefauload- noyefuezauload-
Perlative Through...
noyeftranz- noyefueśtranz-
Inessive In... (an object)
noyefint- noyefuezint-
Illative Into...
noyefintaup- noyefuezintaup-
Exessive Outside...
noyeftug- noyefueśtúg-
Ablative Heading outside...
noyeftúgaup- noyefueśtúgaup-
Elative Going away from.../Leaving...
noyeftüvv- noyefueśtüvv-
Delative Off (the surface of)...
noyefweg- noyefuezweg-
Subessive Below...
noyefúlem- noyefuezúlem-
Immediate ...first of all
noyefoantem- noyefuezoantem-
Precursive Before.../Prior to...
noyefoṛprev- noyefueśprev-
Postcursive After...
noyefáprev- noyefuezáprev-
Temporal During...
noyefwob- noyefuezwob-
Limitative By (the time of)...
noyefmaurad- noyefueśmaurad-
Abessive Without...
noyefond- noyefuezond-
Privative Removing.../Taking away...
noyeferiv- noyefuezeriv-
Exceptive Except (for).../But...
noyefmoin- noyefueśmoin-
Inclusive And.../Plus.../As well.../Including...
Distributive Per (each).../By the...
noyefaiv- noyefuezaiv-
Exclusive Exclusive to.../...-only
noyefseul- noyefueśseul-
Propositive For.../In support of.../Pro-...
noyefaubog- noyefuezaubog-
Oppositional Against.../Anti-...
noyefopon- noyefuezopon-
Aversive/Evitative Avoiding.../For fear of.../Lest...
noyefévit- noyefuezévit-
Contrastive Instead of...
noyefoṛpótal- noyefueśpótal-
Transpositive On behalf of.../Serving...
noyefuslen- noyefüetúslen-
Concessive Despite.../In spite of...
noyefmólen- noyefueśmólen-
Considerative According to...
noyefomil- noyefuezomil-
Essive As a(n)...
noyefnand- noyefueśnand-
Translative Turning into.../Changing into...
noyefiz- noyefüetiz-
Compositive Made of.../Made from...
noyefesit- noyefüetésit-
Semblative/Formal Like.../Resembling...
noyefoid- noyefuezoid-
Similative Acting like...
noyefausik- noyefüetausik-
Identical Equal to...
noyefaibem- noyefuezaibem-
Comparative/Equative ...than.../
noyefoṛkuam- noyefueśkuam-
Referential About.../Concerning...
noyefoṛprin- noyefueśprin-
Note: Not all case endings may apply to this root. As such, some or most forms shown above may be hypothetical.
Nominal forms
Active To do
Passive To be done
noyefar noyefaidar
Negative Active Negative Passive
naŕnoyefar naŕnoyefaidar
Perfect To have done
Passive Perfect To have been done
noyefavar noyefaidavar
Progressive Doing
Passive Progressive Being done
noyefantar noyefaidantar
Progressive Perfect To have been doing
Perfect Progressive Having done
noyefantavar noyefavantu
Continuative To be still doing
Passive Continuative To be still done
noyefasantar noyefaidasantar
Prospective About to do
Passive Prospective About to be done
noyefaijar noyefaidaijar
Potential Can do
Passive Potential Can be done
noyefábilar noyefaibilar
Frequentative Often doing
Dubitative Probably/maybe/might be doing
Proximal Almost doing
noyefámelar noyefeselar noyefúpotar
Inchoative To start doing
Completive To do completely
Cessative To cease doing
noyefaubilar noyefaisómar noyefaubelar
Volitive Wishing to do
Desiderative Wanting to do
Necessitative Needing to do
soulnoyefar voulnoyefar boulnoyefar
Imperative Do it!
Cohortative Let's do it!
Prohibitive Don't do it!
noyefait! fénoyefait! naŕnoyefait!
Gerundive Things to be done
Supine For the purpose of doing
fénoyefaide, fénoyefaidi noyefaurdar
Resultative Resulting from things done
Verbal Noun Doing
noyefaine noyèfe
Present Past
noyefant noyefaid
Polarity Tense Mood
Present ...does
Recent Past ...recently did
Simple Past ...did
Discontinuous Past ...once did
Future ...will do
Future in the Past would do
Subjunctive ...could/would/should do; ...ought to do; ...that something do it
Affirmative noyefat nupénoyefat pénoyefat plénoyefat fénoyefat péfénoyefat noyefaik
Negative naŕnoyefat naŕnupénoyefat naŕpénoyefat naŕplénoyefat naŕfénoyefat naŕpéfénoyefat naŕnoyefaik
Affirmative noyefant nupénoyefant pénoyefant plénoyefant fénoyefant péfénoyefant noyefantaik
Negative naŕnoyefant naŕnupénoyefant naŕpénoyefant naŕplénoyefant naŕfénoyefant naŕpéfénoyefant naŕnoyefantaik
Affirmative noyefasant nupénoyefasant pénoyefasant plénoyefasant fénoyefasant péfénoyefasant noyefasantaik
Negative naŕnoyefasant naŕnupénoyefasant naŕpénoyefasant naŕplénoyefasant naŕfénoyefasant naŕpéfénoyefasant naŕnoyefasantaik
Affirmative noyefaijat nupénoyefaijat pénoyefaijat plénoyefaijat fénoyefaijat péfénoyefaijat noyefaijaik
Negative naŕnoyefaijat naŕnupénoyefaijat naŕpénoyefaijat naŕplénoyefaijat naŕfénoyefaijat naŕpéfénoyefaijat naŕnoyefaijaik
Affirmative noyefavat nupénoyefavat pénoyefavat plénoyefavat fénoyefavat péfénoyefavat noyefavaik
Negative naŕnoyefavat naŕnupénoyefavat naŕpénoyefavat naŕplénoyefavat naŕfénoyefavat naŕpéfénoyefavat naŕnoyefavaik
Progressive Perfect
Affirmative noyefantavat nupénoyefantavat pénoyefantavat plénoyefantavat fénoyefantavat péfénoyefantavat noyefantavaik
Negative naŕnoyefantavat naŕnupénoyefantavat naŕpénoyefantavat naŕplénoyefantavat naŕfénoyefantavat naŕpéfénoyefantavat naŕnoyefantavaik
Passive Simple
Affirmative noyefaidat nupénoyefaidat pénoyefaidat plénoyefaidat fénoyefaidat péfénoyefaidat noyefaidaik
Negative naŕnoyefaidat naŕnupénoyefaidat naŕpénoyefaidat naŕplénoyefaidat naŕfénoyefaidat naŕpéfénoyefaidat naŕnoyefaidaik
Passive Progressive
Affirmative noyefaidant nupénoyefaidant pénoyefaidant plénoyefaidant fénoyefaidant péfénoyefaidant noyefaidantaik
Negative naŕnoyefaidant naŕnupénoyefaidant naŕpénoyefaidant naŕplénoyefaidant naŕfénoyefaidant naŕpéfénoyefaidant naŕnoyefaidantaik
Passive Prospective
Affirmative noyefaidaijat nupénoyefaidaijat pénoyefaidaijat plénoyefaidaijat fénoyefaidaijat péfénoyefaidaijat noyefaidaijaik
Negative naŕnoyefaidaijat naŕnupénoyefaidaijat naŕpénoyefaidaijat naŕplénoyefaidaijat naŕfénoyefaidaijat naŕpéfénoyefaidaijat naŕnoyefaidaijaik
Passive Perfect
Affirmative noyefaidavat nupénoyefaidavat pénoyefaidavat plénoyefaidavat fénoyefaidavat péfénoyefaidavat noyefaidavaik
Negative naŕnoyefaidavat naŕnupénoyefaidavat naŕpénoyefaidavat naŕplénoyefaidavat naŕfénoyefaidavat naŕpéfénoyefaidavat naŕnoyefaidavaik
Morpheme family
Hyponym of
soamProject:Roots/soam (copulate, make love (to), breed (with), mate (with), coitus, intercourse, copulation, coition, union, carnal knowledge, relations, beast with two backs, two become one)
Usage notes

Found in the Seventh Commandment, Usté naŕfénoyefat (Thou shalt not commit adultery). See also foarnik (fornicate/fornication).

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