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esit- (Derivational Suffixoid)ABC (Core Base rootCategory:Roots) (Free morpheme)
(Post-vowel: ńesit-)
Meaning: made of, made out of, made from, out of; comprise, consist of, composed of; compositive case marker
(Gloss: made_of, made_from, comprise / CPS) Category:Case markers
Etymology: Blend of esil + aistesil, aist.

Morpheme length: 4 (E I S T)eist eist Category:Isogram morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: VCVC • IPA: /ɛ.sɪt/ɛ, sɪtSyllables: 2 (e, sit)V, CVC

Default word class: Adposition

Mutated forms (U1a)
Before next...
a esit b ësib ch ësir d ësid
e esit f ësif g ësig h esit
i esit j ësij k ësik l ësir
m ësir n ësir o esit p ësip
r esit s ësir t esit u esit
v ësiv w esit y esit z ësir
Nominal forms
Active To do
Passive To be done
esitar esitaidar
Negative Active Negative Passive
nalesitar nalesitaidar
Perfect To have done
Passive Perfect To have been done
esitavar esitaidavar
Progressive Doing
Passive Progressive Being done
esitantar esitaidantar
Progressive Perfect To have been doing
Perfect Progressive Having done
esitantavar esitavantu
Continuative To be still doing
Passive Continuative To be still done
esitasantar esitaidasantar
Prospective About to do
Passive Prospective About to be done
esitaijar esitaidaijar
Potential Can do
Passive Potential Can be done
esitábilar esitaibilar
Frequentative Often doing
Dubitative Probably/maybe/might be doing
Proximal Almost doing
esitámelar esiteselar esitúpotar
Inchoative To start doing
Completive To do completely
Cessative To cease doing
esitaubilar esitaisómar esitaubelar
Volitive Wishing to do
Desiderative Wanting to do
Necessitative Needing to do
soulesitar voulesitar boulesitar
Imperative Do it!
Cohortative Let's do it!
Prohibitive Don't do it!
esitait! feresitait! nalesitait!
Gerundive Things to be done
Supine For the purpose of doing
feresitaide, feresitaidi esitaurdar
Resultative Resulting from things done
Verbal Noun Doing
esitaine esité
Present Past
esitant esitaid
Polarity Tense Mood
Present ...does
Recent Past ...recently did
Simple Past ...did
Discontinuous Past ...once did
Future ...will do
Future in the Past would do
Subjunctive ...could/would/should do; ...ought to do; ...that something do it
Affirmative esitat nuperesitat peresitat pleresitat feresitat péferesitat esitaik
Negative nalesitat naŕnuperesitat naŕperesitat naŕpleresitat naŕferesitat naŕpéferesitat nalesitaik
Affirmative esitant nuperesitant peresitant pleresitant feresitant péferesitant esitantaik
Negative nalesitant naŕnuperesitant naŕperesitant naŕpleresitant naŕferesitant naŕpéferesitant nalesitantaik
Affirmative esitasant nuperesitasant peresitasant pleresitasant feresitasant péferesitasant esitasantaik
Negative nalesitasant naŕnuperesitasant naŕperesitasant naŕpleresitasant naŕferesitasant naŕpéferesitasant nalesitasantaik
Affirmative esitaijat nuperesitaijat peresitaijat pleresitaijat feresitaijat péferesitaijat esitaijaik
Negative nalesitaijat naŕnuperesitaijat naŕperesitaijat naŕpleresitaijat naŕferesitaijat naŕpéferesitaijat nalesitaijaik
Affirmative esitavat nuperesitavat peresitavat pleresitavat feresitavat péferesitavat esitavaik
Negative nalesitavat naŕnuperesitavat naŕperesitavat naŕpleresitavat naŕferesitavat naŕpéferesitavat nalesitavaik
Progressive Perfect
Affirmative esitantavat nuperesitantavat peresitantavat pleresitantavat feresitantavat péferesitantavat esitantavaik
Negative nalesitantavat naŕnuperesitantavat naŕperesitantavat naŕpleresitantavat naŕferesitantavat naŕpéferesitantavat nalesitantavaik
Passive Simple
Affirmative esitaidat nuperesitaidat peresitaidat pleresitaidat feresitaidat péferesitaidat esitaidaik
Negative nalesitaidat naŕnuperesitaidat naŕperesitaidat naŕpleresitaidat naŕferesitaidat naŕpéferesitaidat nalesitaidaik
Passive Progressive
Affirmative esitaidant nuperesitaidant peresitaidant pleresitaidant feresitaidant péferesitaidant esitaidantaik
Negative nalesitaidant naŕnuperesitaidant naŕperesitaidant naŕpleresitaidant naŕferesitaidant naŕpéferesitaidant nalesitaidantaik
Passive Prospective
Affirmative esitaidaijat nuperesitaidaijat peresitaidaijat pleresitaidaijat feresitaidaijat péferesitaidaijat esitaidaijaik
Negative nalesitaidaijat naŕnuperesitaidaijat naŕperesitaidaijat naŕpleresitaidaijat naŕferesitaidaijat naŕpéferesitaidaijat nalesitaidaijaik
Passive Perfect
Affirmative esitaidavat nuperesitaidavat peresitaidavat pleresitaidavat feresitaidavat péferesitaidavat esitaidavaik
Negative nalesitaidavat naŕnuperesitaidavat naŕperesitaidavat naŕpleresitaidavat naŕferesitaidavat naŕpéferesitaidavat nalesitaidavaik
Adposition esit
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Indicates that an object is made out of the substance in question, such as in frómajesit (made out of cheese), huyenesit (made from eggs; omelette), toapesit (made of stone), and drevesit (from wood; wooden). Also found in terms for meat like puerchesit (pork), poulesit (chicken), and boavesit (beef). See also tug (outside in location).

The "CPS" abbreviation is borrowed from John Quijada's grammar of constructed language Ithkuil, § 4.5.3.

The indicative verb and imperative are both a False friend of English hesitate, or zogẽrn in Relformaide.

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