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-ósot- (Inflectional Suffixoid)ABCCategory:Roots Category:Affixes (Core Base rootCategory:Roots) (Free morpheme)
(Post-vowel: ńósot-)
Meaning: till, until, up till, up to, by (the time that); terminative case marker
(Gloss: till, until / TERM) Category:Case markers
Etymology: From Greek osótou (ωσότου).

Morpheme length: 4 (O O S T)oost ost Morpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: VCVC • IPA: /oː.sot/oː, sotSyllables: 2 (o, sot)V, CVC

Default word class: Adposition

Mutated forms (1a)

Before inz: ósót • Before all other morphemes: ósot

Adposition /
Morpheme family
Usage notes

One of Relformaide's two terminative markers, this is used in time-based expressions such as moartósotu (till death); the spatial counterpart is äffim.

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