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This section of the Hacked by! tracks all milestones recorded on this site, as well as in the titular constructed language itself.


  • April 22: The site's 20,000th edit is devoted to Sạmạrskíom, a Special root meaning "samarium", created as part of a drive to document chemical-element names in Relformaide. (Special roots combine foreign proper names or undocumented portmanteaus with existing native roots.)
  • January 29: The 2,500th Core Base root (as confirmed by Special:Ask) is glúguv (sinkhole), a portmanteau of glut (swallow) and guv (hole).
  • January 26: The redesign of the {{Morpheme}} table officially goes live.


  • December 2: The wiki's 5,000th overall page is the table for relformaid ("reformed"/"reshaped"), which gives way to the name of the constructed language documented here.
  • November 30: The 3,000th root table (as confirmed by Special:NewPages and Special:Ask) documents súven, based on Latin elements and defined as "Senior"/"Sr."/"Snr.".
  • August 1: The site's 15,000th edit is devoted to trîaumf (triumph).
  • July 18: The 2,000th Core root is plost (raft), from Latvian and Lithuanian.
  • June 29: The wiki's 4,000th overall page is the table for dîmenshaun, or dimensions in sci-fi and fantasy stories. (For the spatial term, see roivild.)
  • May 10: The number of root tables reaches 2,000.
  • April 24: The wiki's 3,000th overall page is the table for taulep, a Turkish-based Core root meaning "apply/file for".
  • February 9: The 1,500th Core root is sirut (chip), derived from Finnish siru.
  • January 18: The site's 10,000th edit is devoted to manez, based on the Russian and French words for "ring"/"arena".
  • January 16: A redesigned version of the {{Morpheme}} table, subject to improvements and new features, is soft-launched alongside the old version via Header Tabs.
  • c. early January: 2,500 pages overall on this wiki.


  • November 14: 9,000 edits recorded on this wiki.
  • October 18: 8,000 edits recorded on this wiki.
  • August 26: The 1,000th Core Base root is dúven (datum/data; information).
  • August 19: 7,500 edits recorded on this wiki.
  • August 6:
    • 2,000 pages overall on this wiki; milestone page is a table on the Core Base root wikin (wiki).
    • The 900th Core Base root is véloar (sail of a boat).
  • August 1: This site is rebranded as the Relformaide Dictionary.
  • June 20: In the Great Suffix Swap, affixes -aik (past participle marker) and -aid (conditional/subjunctive marker) trade functions. In the process, Relformaiké's four-syllable name becomes the three-syllable Relformaide.


  • October 28: 500 pages overall on this wiki; milestone root is kríoal (originally entered as kraiāul).
  • October 9: The first root tables—for uniliteral Core Base roots l (the), m (1st-person pronoun), t (2nd-person familiar pronoun), b (be), and v (go)—are introduced. (What is now dez [say] is also among those tables, as d.)
  • September 29: This site is launched as the Relformaiké Dictionary.

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