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This is a provisional sampler of the Relformaide Dictionary, powered by Semantic MediaWiki and featuring words beginning with the letter s. English translations are given on the right.

Demo testing of this wiki's individual entry pages and the {{Entry}} template began in early November 2016, and remains ongoing as of February 2020. This page is part of the tests, with features and the layout subject to change.

sábar [saː.bɑɹ] v [sábat ind, sábait! imp, sábant pr ptcp, sábaid pt ptcp] : Know
salout [sæ.lut] int : Hello, Greetings, "hi there"
sed [sɛd] conj : But, Rather
sèpe [sɛp] num : Seven
sẽrti, sẽrtis [sɝ.ti] a : Late
seulu [sjuː.lu] adv : Only, Exclusively
shinèle, shinèles [ʃɪ.nɛl] ni : Cymbal
side, sides [sɪd] ni : Yes, Approval
sieze [siːz] num : Six
síkli, síklis [siː.kli] a : Icy, Frozen
simbale, simbales [sɪm.bæl] na [simbalo(s) m, simbala(s) f] : Lion
soleuzi, soleuzis [so.ljuː.zi] a : Sunny
sorèxe, sorèxes [so.ɹɛks] na [sorexo(s) m, sorexa(s) f] : Shrew
spafạ, spafạs [spæ.fɑ] ni : Sword
spoune, spounes [spun] ni : Spoon
suavar [swa.vɑɹ] v [suavat ind, suavait! imp, suavant pr ptcp, suavaid pt ptcp] : Kiss
sude, sudes [sud] ni : South
suivi, suivis [swɪ.vi] a : Next, Subsequent