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-s (Inflectional Termison)B Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: plural marker
(Gloss: PL)
Etymology: From English/French/Spanish -(e)s.

Morpheme length: 1 (S)s s Morpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: C • IPA: /s/sSyllables: 1 (-s)
Mutated forms (1p)
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Only used after plural forms of nouns and pronouns ending in -o/-a/-e, and also at the end of adjectives ending in -i before plural nouns (as in French and Spanish). This is never attached to adverbs ending in -u.

For the complex variant, see -uez/-ouz.

Termisons (Fímättimes) in Relformaide

Nouns: -e (neuter) • -o (masculine) • -a (feminine)

Adjectives: -iAdverbs: -u

Plurals: -s (-es [neuter nouns] • -os [masculine nouns] • -as [feminine nouns] • -is [adjectives])

Verbs: -ar (infinitive) • -at (indicative) • -aik (conditional/subjunctive) • -ait (imperative) • -ant (progressive) • -asant (continuative) • -aid (past participle)

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