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-ouz- (Inflectional Suffix)B Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: plural case marker
(Gloss: CPLX.PL)
Etymology: Natively coined in Relformaide.

Morpheme length: 3 (O U Z)ouz ouz Category:Isogram morphemes Category:Abecedarian morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: VVC • IPA: /ʊz/ʊzSyllables: 1 (-ouz)
Mutated forms (U3a iii)
Before next...
a ouz b ouzoṛ ch ouś d ouzoṛ
e ouz f ouzoṛ g ouzoṛ h ouś
i ouz j ouzoṛ k ouś l ouz
m ouś n ouś o ouz p ouś
r ouz s ouś t ouś u ouz
v ouzoṛ w ouz y ouz z ouz
Before vowel-initial morpheme with s or z öut
Before consonant-initial morpheme with s or z öur
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Found in declensions involving grammatical cases, such as obenouzaupu (towards the houses), bíenūnouzomilu (according to some folks), and Eskũrouzaurdi (For Squirrels). Also used in possessive pronoun forms such as möugozi (of ours) and lumöutozat (it's theirs).

  • -uez comes after b/d/f/g/k/p/t/v/z.
  • -ouz comes after ch/h/j/l/m/n/r/w/x/y.

For the regular plural marker, see -s.

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