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-orz- (Inflectional Suffix)B Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: 's; possessive marker, possessive case marker
(Gloss: POSS)
Etymology: Natively coined in Relformaide.

Morpheme length: 3 (O R Z)orz orz Category:Isogram morphemes Category:Abecedarian morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: VCC • IPA: /oɹz/oɹzSyllables: 1 (-orz)
Mutated forms (3b)
Before next...
a orz b örb ch orś d örd
e orz f örf g örg h orś
i orz j örj k orś l orz
m orś n orś o orz p orś
r orz s orś t orś u orz
v örv w orz y orz z orz
Before morpheme with s or z in second syllable, or as second or later letter orry
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Variant of -oz, indicating that the subject temporarily has, owns, or keeps the next item referred to (e.g. Jainorza livré [Jane's book, i.e. the one she borrowed from a friend or the library]). Corresponds to uninflected particle den and proprietive suffixoid ten.

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