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-iruj- (Inflectional Suffix)B Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: emphasis marker
(Gloss: EMPH)
Etymology: From Marshallese iruj (alarm/excitement). (Found at the Marshallese-English Dictionary.)

Morpheme length: 4 (I J R U)ijru ijru Category:Isogram morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: VCVC • IPA: /i.ɹuːdʒ/i, ɹuːdʒSyllables: 2 (i, ruj)V, CVC
Mutated forms (5a)
Before next...
a iruj b irujoṛ ch irujoṛ d irujoṛ
e iruj f irujoṛ g iruġ h iruj
i iruj j iruj k irujoṛ l iruj
m iruj n iruj o iruj p irujoṛ
r iruj s irujoṛ t irujoṛ u iruj
v irujoṛ w iruj y iruj z irujoṛ
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Emphasis marker, used in statements such as M'aigaijirújat lumé (I'm really gonna do it) and questions like Peräuvvat-tiruje plajile? (Did you [and no one else] go to the beach?). See also -eun (topic marker) and -uit/-oip (intensifier).

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