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-ieb- (Inflectional Suffix)BC Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: ergative case marker
(Gloss: ERG) Category:Case markers
Etymology: Natively coined in Relformaide.

Morpheme length: 2 (B I)bi bi Category:Isogram morphemes Category:Zyxarian morphemesMorpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: VC • IPA: /iːb/iːbSyllables: 1 (-ieb)
Mutated forms (7c)
Before next...
a ieb b ieb ch ieb d ieb
e ieb f ieb g ieboṛ h ieb
i ieb j ieb k ieb l ieb
m ieb n ieb o ieb p ieb
r ieb s ieb t ieb u ieb
v ieb w ieb y ieb z ieb
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Marks the subject of a transitive verb in passive Object–verb–subject (OVS) statements, as well as Subject–object–verb (SOV) sentences infrequently; also found in appositional phrases. When a verb is intransitive, the subject assumes the unmarked nominative or absolutive form. For examples, please see Project:Grammar/Syntax.

Pronouns use a nominative-accusative system, and therefore do not use the ergative case (unless they are used in apposition).

A related suffix, -erij, denotes that the referent is associated with the subsequent phrase. This occurs in certain sentences with two or more subjects/objects; see also zol and ten.

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