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-i (Derivational Termison)B Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: adjective end marker (a); interfix; accusative case marker
(Gloss: ADJ, INTFX, ACC) Category:Case markers
Etymology: From French -i, the past participle of verbs in the -ir conjugation class.

Morpheme length: 1 (I)i i Morpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: V • IPA: /i/iSyllables: 1 (-i)
Mutated forms (1n)
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Used primarily for adjective forms of roots. In compounds, this serves as an interfix if:

  1. a compound-initial uniliteral root is followed by another consonant;
  2. a root ends with a consonant and either "l" or "r" (Cl/Cr);
  3. a root ends with gn/gm/sm/sn, as in sign (swan) and ausm (more/-er).

Also used to mark the accusative in pronouns only ( [I] → mié [me]); see also -ieb (for ergative nouns).

Termisons (Fímättimes) in Relformaide

Nouns: -e (neuter) • -o (masculine) • -a (feminine)

Adjectives: -iAdverbs: -u

Plurals: -s (-es [neuter nouns] • -os [masculine nouns] • -as [feminine nouns] • -is [adjectives])

Verbs: -ar (infinitive) • -at (indicative) • -aik (conditional/subjunctive) • -ait (imperative) • -ant (progressive) • -asant (continuative) • -aid (past participle)

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