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-a (Derivational Termison)B Category:Affixes (Core Base affix Category:Affixes) (Bound morpheme)
Meaning: feminine end marker (f)
(Gloss: FEM)
Etymology: From Spanish -a. (Cf. French la.)

Morpheme length: 1 (A)a a Morpheme count: 1
Letter pattern: V • IPA: /ɑ/ɑSyllables: 1 (-a)
Mutated forms (1n)
Morpheme family
Usage notes

Used for animate objects, pronouns, and occupations assigned a feminine gender. Also used for female given names, some neuter place names, and words for water transportation such as plova (boat), plovarda (ship), and kanova (canoe).

Termisons (Fímättimes) in Relformaide

Nouns: -e (neuter) • -o (masculine) • -a (feminine)

Adjectives: -iAdverbs: -u

Plurals: -s (-es [neuter nouns] • -os [masculine nouns] • -as [feminine nouns] • -is [adjectives])

Verbs: -ar (infinitive) • -at (indicative) • -aik (conditional/subjunctive) • -ait (imperative) • -ant (progressive) • -asant (continuative) • -aid (past participle)

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