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Several dozen Relformaide morphemes have their final consonants mutate into the next letter they come into contact with in compound formations. In doing so, they place umlauts on their first vowel, or the first unaccented one (if the first vowel carries an acute accent). Since ch cannot double, an n replaces the root's last letter where applicable.

Morpheme Mutated form Meaning Next letter
(Doubles/Turns into...)
b ch d f g j k l m n p r s t v z
bb nch dd ff gg jj kk ll mm nn pp rr ss tt vv zz
abod äbo- place, locale [1]
ad ä- at, to (DAT/LOC) [1] ★ (-ns) [2] ★ (-nz)
aibond äibon- only, lone, sole, unique
-ant -än- -ing (PROG)
*ard -är- 1,000,000x (with numbers); AUG (with other roots) [1] ★ (-ns) ★ (-nz)
-asant -äsan- still -ing (CONT)
ault äul- above, high (ALT) ★ (-s) ★ (-p)
aup äu- toward(s) (ALL)
dijit dïji- digital, digi-
eand ëan- TOOL
emek ëme- with the help of, by means of (INSTR) ★ (-s)
esit ësi- made (out) of/from (CPS) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r)
évit évï- avoid, escape, elude, dodge (AVE/EVIT)
gigal gïga- giga- [3]
hîdrol hîdrö- water, hydro- [3]
*id ï- ABST ★ (-ng) ★ (-nj) ★ (-ns) ★ (-nz)
int ïn- in (INE)
jout jöu- sudden, unexpectedly
laung läun- long
megal- mëga- mega- [3]
mîkrol mîkrö- micro- [3]
nand nän- as (ESS)
nanol näno- nano- [3]
nem- në- un-, non- (NEG)
nend nën- and, plus (+)
noard nöar- north (↑) ★ (-r) ★ (-r)
nout nöu- now, present(ly), current(ly) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r)
-oip -öi- INTF (after ch/h/j/l/m/n/r/w/y)
ond ön- without; -less (ABE)
*orit *öri-
Various body organs
suorit (tongue)
haporit (community)
-orz -ör- 's, of... (POSS) (orśch) (orśk) (orśm) (orśn) (orśp) (orśs) (orśt)
-ouz -öu- CPLX.PL (after ch/h/j/l/m/n/r/w/x/y) (ouśch) (ouśk) (ouśm) (ouśn) (ouśp) (ouśs) (ouśt)
-oz -ö- 's, of... (GEN) (ośch) (ośk) (ośm) (ośn) (ośp) (ośs) (ośt)
pental pënta- peta- [3]
puind püin- chief, primary, head, arch-
*rel rë- re-, again [3] [4]
seb së- self, auto- (RFLX)
seud sëu- false, lie, pseudo- [1]
suiv süi- next (in sequence) (suiɓb) (suiƒch) (suiɖd) (suiƒf) (suiɠg) (suiʝj) (suiӄk) (suiþp) (suiƒs) (suiƒt) (suiƒz)
tasiv täsi- accidentally, by accident, unintentionally (tasiɓb) (tasiƒch) (tasiɖd) (tasiƒf) (tasiɠg) (tasiʝj) (tasiӄk) (tasiþp) (tasiƒs) (tasiƒt) (tasiƒz)
télev télë- from distant source; tele- (téleɓb) (téleƒch) (téleɖd) (téleƒf) (téleɠg) (téleʝj) (téleӄk) (téleþp) (téleƒs) (téleƒt) (téleƒz)
tout töu- all, every, entire, complete, omni- ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-r)
tranz trän- through (an object or place), via (a communications medium) (PROL) (tranśch) (tranśk) (tranśm) (tranśn) (tranśp) (tranśs) (vuiśt)
★ (-s) ★ (-s)
tug tü- out(side) (EXE) ★ (-r)
-uez -üe- CPLX.PL (after b/d/f/g/k/p/t/v/z) (ueśch) (ueśk) (ueśm) (ueśn) (ueśp) (ueśs) (ueśt)
-uit -üi- INTF (after b/d/f/g/k/p/t/v/x/z)
vasit väsi- on purpose, deliberately, intentionally ★ (-n) ★ (-n)
voab vöa- word ★ (-r) ★ (-r) ★ (-s) ★ (-s) ★ (-s) ★ (-s) ★ (-s)
voard vöar- true, real, fact, genuine ★ (-r) ★ (-r)
vuiz vüëi- previous (in sequence) (vuiśch) (vuiśk) (vuiśm) (vuiśn) (vuiśp) (vuiśs) (vuiśt)
kaut käu- 4
kílog kílö- 1000
kíloiz kílöi- 1000x + n (kíloiśk) (kíloiśn) (kíloiśs) (kíloiśt)
seiz sëi- 100x + n (seiśk) (seiśn)
sent sën- 100
siez sïe- 6 (sieśch) (sieśk) (sieśm) (sieśn) (sieśp) (sieśs) (sieśt)
trig trï- 3
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 If sandwiched between an "l"-final and an "l"-initial morpheme, a*d/-esard is left unmutated for clarity reasons. Examples: esilabodlumat (esil-abod-lum-at; it is a source), choulabodlé (choul-abod-l-e; the cold place).
  2. Select cases.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 When preceded by another root with an l in it, this root's final l becomes ŕ (unless the next l is the first letter).
  4. Except in Relform-, which gives way to this language's name.

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